What is Business Intelligence?

So, what is Business Intelligence anyways, and why is it so important to protect?

In the traditional software sense, Business Intelligence or BI is typically used to refer to the technologies that transform data into meaningful and useful information for business purposes. This realm revolves around the database, data warehousing and  defining/re-defining new galaxies and such - well, that's what it seems like at times - although, they like use the term 'universe'.

Whatever the case, it is typically referring to data, and only data.

However, in the sense of Business Processes, Business Intelligence is the inferred data, or the logic if you will of how your business does what it does well - and the why/how's that separate you from the rest. We at Armored Intelligence prefer to refer to BI as the Nuts & Bolts of what makes your product, well... unique.

Many times firms will go to extreme lengths to secure their Application BI only to be fooled by the simplest measures - think Sony Digital / the DVD / a Sharpie Marker...

The truth of the matter is that there is no sure way to build something, where it can't be taken apart and put back together again, possibly missing 'useless' things such as licensing logic, etc.
If it can be built, it can be taken apart, and if it has been built before, it can be built again.

That said, there is always a level of effort associated to these sort of endeavors and one must always be willing to weigh the cost of adding supplementary security to help deter the criminals (or just really bored kids) from doing what is wrong - and in this case, stealing your BI. The longer/harder it is to get to the root of what they want, the less willing most are willing to continue.

A strong defense is the best offense.

This is where Armored Intelligence comes in - we work with you to build a strong defense for your applications and the BI contained within, whether that is just simply consulting or as in-depth as analysis and implementation - we do it all!